What we do

We are in the business of making you look and feel great. 

We appreciate how difficult it can be to take those first steps towards finding your style again or finding it at all!  We know what it is like to feel confused about what suits us. We know what it feels like to accept change and make it good.

Our Mission

Through The Wardrobe is honest but kind.  Our advice is based on proven research.

We are not stylists – we work together with you the client to demonstrate your best shapes and colours, in your home, using your existing clothes.

Going Through The Wardrobe is an opportunity to clear your closets of stuff that dosen’t fit, flatter or function.  Move forward with a clear set of rules that enables you to wear and shop happy forever!

About Lyndal: 

I am a classic hourglass shape but I didn’t always know that – I thought I was just overweight for 30 years!  It dosen’t matter what size I am – I will always be an hourglass and that is what I have finally learned to address.  This is the reason why trousers have never been my friend, this is the reason I find separates so hard to co-ordinate and once I found my best shapes it was a revelation ! 

No more angry hot tears in changing rooms. It was so fantastic knowing that if I wanted to shop, I would be able to enjoy it, knowing that it is not my body that is wrong – it is the clothes that are wrong.  Once I knew what to look for, I knew not to waste my time looking at items that will never work for me. I have saved time and money by honestly appraising my body shape and how to dress it.   I am currently re-evaluating my wardrobe as I get older, some things have to change but the basic shapes remain the same and always will.

I have done many varied and wonderful things in my working life – travel, banking, oil, retail, gemmology – but this is the business for me – helping others feel great and look fantastic.