Will you throw out all my clothes?

No - I will only recommend discarding the items that do not serve or suit you.  Everything is in your control.

Will I be naked?

No - I just need to see your body in underwear to start with, take accurate measurements and decide the body shape - then you will be trying on clothes all day. Privacy is assured.

I need to lose weight before I do it.

Your shape is your shape whatever size you are.  It is always worth doing the exercise to discover your best clothing styles. Look great while you lose weight!

Will you be selling me clothes?

No - the in home part is all about you and what clothes you already have.  If you do Shop The Shops, we shop together for the right items - I don't bring clothes to you.  I will never be on commission at any store.

How much will it cost?

My fees are clearly outlined.  If you do Shop The Shops or shopping on your own - that is your only extra cost and that is all within your control - you spend at your pace and in your comfort level.

What outcomes can I expect?

During the appointment, I will make note of your body shape.  We will interview all your clothes and I will honestly tell you whether they suit, fit and flatter. We will make up outfits and accessorise (where time permits)

We will make a shopping list of items you need to complete and complement the edited collection. We will re-hang and arrange the collection in logical fashion (where time permits)

I can take away your discarded items if you so choose. Saleable items can be offered to consignment stores, eBay or offered for sale on my regular market stall.

I will send through a comprehensive follow up package after the appointment that includes a review of the appointment and what we did, your new 'rules' your best colours, a spreadsheet of your clothes on consignment, your shopping list.

Overall I would expect your outcome to be increased knowledge about your body shape and a carefully edited wardrobe that suits, serves and flatters you. You will then have the tools to shop effectively and economically for yourself with increased enjoyment.