Getting Real About Getting Dressed

Through The Wardrobe may look like it is a business all about frivolous stuff like fashion and shopping – it isn’t.

It is all about real solutions for real problems that real people have.

Difficult body shape, addicted to black, feeling daggy after having a baby, anxiety about returning to work, overweight, menopause, addicted to shopping, hate shopping, want to be noticed, don’t want to be noticed, hate yourself, hate your life, hate your clothes, scared to go out, mutton dressed as lamb or lamb dressed as mutton! And many more besides.

I know about lots of that stuff.  I know that NOT knowing how to dress yourself can affect your self esteem, your relationships and even your job – sometimes for DECADES.

I also know that NONE of these problems can be fixed by shopping or fashion.

If you have ever wailed “I have nothing to wear’ it is a cry for help and your call to action to engage my services.  If you ever hear anyone else wail “I have nothing to wear’ please refer them to my services. 

Life really is too short to spend it crying in your bedroom about not having the right clothes.

Do yourself a favour and sort it out now or give a gift voucher to someone who you know wants to sort it out too.

It’s Valentines Day on Saturday – give yourself or someone you love an amazing gift – the opportunity to look and feel fantastic every day.

A dozen roses - $140 – dead in a week.  Shop Your Own Wardrobe - $195 – wear happy FOREVER!