You Get What You Pay For

Beware the 'in-store stylist or personal shopper'!

Stores can entice you in with 'free personal styling' or 'price redeemable against product' - but - resist!

Consider your clothing problems - most people have two main problems

1.  Loads of clothes and

2. Nothing to wear!

How does this happen? Well - we have too much stuff but not enough information and we can't make decisions.

Don't buy another thing until you know what you've got and what it does for you!

Falling into the lair of the 'in-store stylist or personal shopper', will only add to your problems because their job is to sell you  - you guessed it -more clothes!

Does that solve your clothing problems?

No - because you have even MORE stuff now, still no more information and it will be even harder to make decisions!

When you 'Shop Your Own Wardrobe', you find out what you have, what you should have and what you should say goodbye to - Information is Power!  You will find new and flattering outfits without spending a cent  - No more Nothing To Wear and you will clear out the closet of doom giving all the good stuff room to be seen and selected making it easy to make decisions.

So - does a 'free' personal styling session sound like good value now? 

If you need to get to the nitty gritty and solve your clothing problems FOR GOOD - book me in for a Shop Your Own Wardrobe session before summer fashion gets the better of you!