I am on a 'detox' diet and after a week I feel worse if anything.  I am not seeing any changes, it has cost me a lot of money and so far am feeling pretty underwhelmed by the whole 'investment in my health'.

There is another kind of detox experience that is significantly cheaper, faster and yields more long lasting results.

Shop Your Own Wardrobe is a cleansing and rejuvenating process for you and your clothes.  It remains at $195 for a limited time and this includes your extensive follow up pack that gives you all the tools you need to wear and shop happy forever!

A lot of people say to me "I will do that once I lose weight" - I say - you will look like you have lost weight once you stop wearing the wrong clothes!

If you are dieting, detoxing or losing weight -  why not look and feel better during that process?

Body Management can take time and you will need and want to look good while you continue the good work.

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