Getting Real About Getting Dressed

Through The Wardrobe may look like it is a business all about frivolous stuff like fashion and shopping – it isn’t.

It is all about real solutions for real problems that real people have.

Difficult body shape, addicted to black, feeling daggy after having a baby, anxiety about returning to work, overweight, menopause, addicted to shopping, hate shopping, want to be noticed, don’t want to be noticed, hate yourself, hate your life, hate your clothes, scared to go out, mutton dressed as lamb or lamb dressed as mutton! And many more besides.

I know about lots of that stuff.  I know that NOT knowing how to dress yourself can affect your self esteem, your relationships and even your job – sometimes for DECADES.

I also know that NONE of these problems can be fixed by shopping or fashion.

If you have ever wailed “I have nothing to wear’ it is a cry for help and your call to action to engage my services.  If you ever hear anyone else wail “I have nothing to wear’ please refer them to my services. 

Life really is too short to spend it crying in your bedroom about not having the right clothes.

Do yourself a favour and sort it out now or give a gift voucher to someone who you know wants to sort it out too.

It’s Valentines Day on Saturday – give yourself or someone you love an amazing gift – the opportunity to look and feel fantastic every day.

A dozen roses - $140 – dead in a week.  Shop Your Own Wardrobe - $195 – wear happy FOREVER!


You Say It Best....

Here is a lovely testimonial from a recent client - great to get a man's perspective on my service - many thanks to Mr M from Naremburn

'I admit to feeling a bit nervous before Lyndal arrived. After all, this is ladies business, not something men need to do. But after we started 'interviewing' the wardrobe, we were way too busy to worry about that. I quickly learnt how to use clothes I hardly wore and how to match them. Then it became easy to pension off clothes that I was only hanging on to for sentimental reasons. Now I know that what I have in the wardrobe I can wear, and what I can wear it with. A lot of clothes have now gone and I am not going to miss them. The other fascinating thing is that I now know exactly what I need to buy, and it is very little. I can now shop without wasting time on things that don't really suit, or don't really fit, I can be patient and buy only clothes that are RIGHT. Quite a revelation, thanks Lyndal.'

You Get What You Pay For

Beware the 'in-store stylist or personal shopper'!

Stores can entice you in with 'free personal styling' or 'price redeemable against product' - but - resist!

Consider your clothing problems - most people have two main problems

1.  Loads of clothes and

2. Nothing to wear!

How does this happen? Well - we have too much stuff but not enough information and we can't make decisions.

Don't buy another thing until you know what you've got and what it does for you!

Falling into the lair of the 'in-store stylist or personal shopper', will only add to your problems because their job is to sell you  - you guessed it -more clothes!

Does that solve your clothing problems?

No - because you have even MORE stuff now, still no more information and it will be even harder to make decisions!

When you 'Shop Your Own Wardrobe', you find out what you have, what you should have and what you should say goodbye to - Information is Power!  You will find new and flattering outfits without spending a cent  - No more Nothing To Wear and you will clear out the closet of doom giving all the good stuff room to be seen and selected making it easy to make decisions.

So - does a 'free' personal styling session sound like good value now? 

If you need to get to the nitty gritty and solve your clothing problems FOR GOOD - book me in for a Shop Your Own Wardrobe session before summer fashion gets the better of you!


I am on a 'detox' diet and after a week I feel worse if anything.  I am not seeing any changes, it has cost me a lot of money and so far am feeling pretty underwhelmed by the whole 'investment in my health'.

There is another kind of detox experience that is significantly cheaper, faster and yields more long lasting results.

Shop Your Own Wardrobe is a cleansing and rejuvenating process for you and your clothes.  It remains at $195 for a limited time and this includes your extensive follow up pack that gives you all the tools you need to wear and shop happy forever!

A lot of people say to me "I will do that once I lose weight" - I say - you will look like you have lost weight once you stop wearing the wrong clothes!

If you are dieting, detoxing or losing weight -  why not look and feel better during that process?

Body Management can take time and you will need and want to look good while you continue the good work.

Give yourself or someone you love the gift that keeps on giving - a gift voucher locked in now for $195 will be honoured by me for 12 months - but only until the end of November.

How Can She Afford Not To?

Apparently, the 'average' Australian woman (let's call her Sheila) spends nearly $1000 per annum on clothes.  I think this is actually quite conservative.  So, over a 10 year period, Sheila might spend $10,000 (or more) on clothes. 

Another interesting statistic you have probably heard before is that most people wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time.  If Sheila is like 'most people' that means that about $8,000 worth of her clothes probably aren't being worn much or at all!

If Sheila had 'Shopped Her Own Wardrobe' for $195, she could have avoided overspending on things that will never see the light of day again. For $195 Sheila can get all the tools she needs to stop wasting money on unused clothes - forever.

Simple maths - how can she afford NOT to?

Christmas is coming - buy someone you love - or yourself -  a gift voucher for the gift that keeps on giving.  Prices will rise in the New Year, so lock in your $195 Shop Your Own Wardrobe now and use within 12 months.